Charlotte Safety Belt Laws

Safety Belt Laws In Charlotte

More than 14,800 people avoided death in 2017 because they were wearing seat belts according to the NHTSA. On the other hand, about 2000 people lost their lives because they were not wearing a seatbelt in the same year. This is why all states including North Carolina have very strict laws concerning wearing seat belts while driving. In North Carolina, front seat passengers and back seat passengers that are ages 16 and older must wear their seat belts. There are additional seat belt laws for passengers that are under the age of 16.

Seat Belt Laws In Charlotte

Charlotte Safety Belt LawsIt is mandatory that each occupant of a vehicle wear a seat belt in North Carolina. But since not everyone is capable of wearing seat belts the law provides the following exceptions:

  • Drivers or passengers that have a medical condition that prevents them from using seat belts appropriately
  • Vehicles that are registered as property carrying vehicles, but the vehicles must adhere to weight requirements while also being used for agricultural purposes
  • Drivers that deliver property, but such drivers must also drive at a speed that does not exceed 20mph between delivery stops
  • People who have a professionally diagnosed phobia against any type of restraints such as seat belts
  • A passenger or driver that frequently stops and leaves a vehicle that does not exceed 20mph
  • Occupant or driver of the United States Postal service while performing normal duties in rural areas
  • Vehicles owned by newspapers that are being driven on a specified route
  • Garbage or recycling truck operating during collection rounds in residential areas
  • Motor vehicles that are not required to have seat belts under federal law

Wearing a seat belt is not just important because it may save your life, but also because it may help your case if you get injured in a car accident caused by a negligent driver. You may lose your case if the defense proves that you were not wearing a seat when the accident happened.

Seat Belt Rules For Children

You must properly secure a child passenger using a restraint system or seat belt that meets applicable federal standards. You must properly secure children under age  eight and who weigh more than 80 pounds in the rear seat. If you don’t have a restraint system that consists of a lap and shoulder belt, you may secure the child using a properly fitted lap belt. You can secure the child to a front passenger seat if the seat belt system  is designed for use with air-bags. Pregnant passengers should always wear a seat belt to protect the unborn child. Such passengers should wear the belt away from the neck and across the chest . For a more snug fit, pregnant passengers can remove any slack from their seat belt and should secure the lap belt below their belly. An experienced and skilled Charlotte car accident lawyer can gather evidence that can help you prove that your injuries were caused by a negligent driver.

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