Negligent Drivers

Negligent Drivers In Charlotte

Any person that causes an accident because of their negligence can be sued in Charlotte. This is because in North Carolina, drivers are expected to exercise “reasonable care” on the state’s roads. A person that fails to use reasonable care and causes an accident as a result will be held responsible for the damages that result from that car accident. Contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Charlotte if you were injured or your car was damaged in an accident caused by a negligent driver.

What Is Negligence?

When a person acts in a careless or thoughtless manner and as a result causes harm or injury to another, then that person can be described as negligent. But the injured party must prove that the actions of the negligent party directly caused harm or injury. The injured party also has to prove that the other party had a duty to act with reasonable care and that they failed to act carefully.  You must also show that you actually experienced loss or injury.

Distracted Driving

Drivers are expected to pay attention while driving to avoid causing accidents. That means not talking on the cell phone, eating, changing radio stations, or doing anything that takes their attention off the road while driving. More than 50,000 accidents in North Carolina in 2017 were caused by distracted driving according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation. You may be entitled for compensation if you are injured in a car accident caused by a distracted driver.

Drunk Driving Or Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs

Negligent DriversAlcohol and drugs can impair the judgment or thinking of a driver making it harder for the driver to avoid situations that may lead to accidents. In 2018 there were more than 11,000 alcohol–involved crashes which resulted in more than 7,000 injuries and 400 deaths according to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. People injured in a car accident caused by a drunk driver can sue that driver under the theory of negligence. In a situation where the at-fault driver does not have insurance, your car accident lawyer may help you file a case against the business or social hosts that served alcoholic beverages to that driver.

Speeding Drivers

Responsible drivers should drive at a speed that is reasonable under the circumstances. Driving at unsafe speeds is one of the main reasons why accidents occur in North Carolina. People driving in towns should maintain a speed of 35 mph while those driving on interstate highways should maintain a speed of 70mph. When you are driving outside towns and cities, a speed of 55mph is appropriate. But remember that the speed limit may be lower in school or construction zones.

Drivers That Fail To Yield

Drivers are expected to yield the road appropriately at intersections or to emergency vehicles. A driver that operates their vehicle as if they always have the right of way can cause very serious accidents. Drivers that fail to yield but do not cause an accident will be fined. Those that fail to yield to an emergency vehicle may be forced to pay a fine and serve time in prison.

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